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Saturday, January 7, 2012

SMK Taman S.E.A. High School Senior Prom 2011 ; Teenage Dream

Date: 28th of December 2011
Venue: Grand Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

High School happens only once in your lifetime, how can you miss your chance of going to the prom?
There's one thing I'm sure, I'll never miss my high school prom. :')

Not only that, had a great surprise during prom. Hahahaha
Get to see Andrew and Steven, which is the greatest surprise of all from them making my prom more meaningful? But this surprise seriously DAMN EPIC. :P

Had a great day during that night. :D
Especially that night, we, which includes Jo Yee, May Kwan and Steven overnight at my house. x)
That night was seriously awesome. x)
Too bad Andrew, you miss out all the FUN! xD 

But I thank God everything ran on well.
I had diarrhea and vomited for 4 times the night before.
And I seriously feel like the world was like a hell to me. How am I supposed to go to prom the following day?
Sorry May Kwan, for making you feel sad and worried. ):

Prom without your bestie going will be definitely not that fun.
Ah Pauuu, we miss you so much that night, do you know? (':

Scroll down for some pictures taken in the prom. :)

May Kwan ; Isn't she lovely? :)

Jo Yee; She's always there for you whenever you want her. :')

Yin Ling; Same class with her every year throughout our high school life. :D

Phei Fern; Knew her since primary school. :)

Kai Xin ; Same class with her since Form 4. :D

Christian ; My good friend, classmate, and coworker in Editorial Board! :P

Kevin ; A friend of mine who loves to tease and disturb me! :P

Benjii ; Hahahaha, miss those tuition times in Form 1,2 and 3. (:

Han Xiang ; :) 

Jesslyn ; Happy-Go-Lucky Girl. ;D

Elizabeth ; Isn't she sweet when she smiles? :)

Dominic ; :)

Kavindran ; Youuuuu! A guy who loves to tease, disturb and irritates me. :P. But I know we'll miss each other! :))

Yenlin ; :)

Ahhh, flash lights! :D


When we met at the entrance. :)

My SAI LOUUU and Jing Mei. :). I knew you guys are in your own world. Hahahaha

Pretty Ladies? :P

Wuan Yi ; I seriously love your dress, it's beautiful! Best dress! :D


Partners for the night? Hahahaha

And when we get back to my house...... :P


Hahahahaha, for some reasons, we look cute here. x)

We slept at 4 something that night. x)
Playing cards the whole night long. :P
And I know, I'm such a horrible sleeper. Sorry guys! x)

And the next morning....

I just don't feel like waking up! x)   

Jo Yee stalk usss! Hahahahahahaha

It was a GREAT night indeed. :)
Of all the fun we had. I miss this day! :P

you're the first one who does everything with me. :)

♥our lips must always be sealed
6:31 PM

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fulalalala. Thats the first thing I'm gonna say after I did not blog for 11 months. :P
Hahahaha. Finally.....
My high school life is over, which means, yesh, SPM is OVER!
I seriously do not know what to say for SPM.
As far as I know, I am very sick of exams.
I have been stuck in the room 24/7 since August.
Trials was on September.
As usual, did not finish my BM papers and Add Maths Paper 2 on time.
Ended up, I have 6As, 3A- and 1 B.
And the B is Add Maths.
Oh well... I am seriously not a Maths student. Hahahaha.
But thank God my results was okay after studying for so LONGGGG.
And I finish my papers during SPM afterall. I am so proud of myself. (:
Hopefully I can pass my SPM with flying colours. (:
Okay, guess I should stop crapping about exams now,
Whatever is over, is OVER. :P
Life being a student in high school wasn't bad after all.  
I will definitely miss all my buddies in high school. ;')
Although it was a hectic year, but it is definitely a memorable experience once in a lifetime. 
To balance up my time in Curriculum activities and Academics is not an easy job. 
Skipping classes and recess...
Sleeping late and waking up early...
6 tuitions per week....
Staying back in school at least 3 times a week....
I seriously don't know how I manage that, :P
I'll never forget in my life. Hahaha.

I seriously couldn't wait for my school magazine to be published.
It's all my hard work for a year!! Hopefully, everything will be nice. :)   

Oh yeah, did I tell you guys that I'm chosen for National Service?! 
And I'm not in the first batch. 
I seriously do not know whether is a good or a bad thing.
All I know now is to enjoy as much as I could. 
And I do not know what course to take. 
I want to be a Gynecologist. I seriously want and I'm interested at it.
But... it is a very difficult task.
I have to face 2 main problems. 
First, financial problem. I am not a rich kid to study this course. 
Secondly, it takes a long time to study. 8 years! 
Which means, I'm gonna graduate at the age of 30? Hahahaha. 
Yes, I know. As long as I have passion towards it, anything is possible.
But what about financial? 
It is not easy to get 10A+. And I don't think so I'm that smart enough to get 10A+ to get scholarship?
I guess I might be going Form 6... there's a very high chance of it. 
Oh well... whatever comes, let it come.. 

I could never forget all of my buddies in my life. :)
The ones who always help me when I'm in trouble..
The ones who always make me laugh... 
The ones that I can have fun chatting all day long... 
The ones that always tease me... 
The ones that love me for who I am... :) 
Without you guys, my high school life is just gonna be like hell.
I hearts all of you!! :D

Best friends for life. :)

Ah Loan, Ah Pauu, Ah Kwan! <3

You make me smile even though the sky is dark,
You make me laugh when I cry,
You cheer me up whenever I am down.
I'll never forget you people, in my life. <3

Sometimes some things are just meant to be,
I miss you. :)

♥our lips must always be sealed
8:27 PM

Sunday, January 30, 2011

HI? It is my first post for the year of 2011. :P. I know is like already end of the month, and now only I'm having a new post? HAHAHA. It is just ME to update the blog once in a bluemoon. If not due to the Chinese New Year's break, I won't even have time to update. xD.

First month of school just pass by like that. I can tell you that this year I am even busier than last year. You guys can see that right? But I still enjoy every single bits of them. I gain a lot of new experience. (:. Another 286 more days, and I'll be sitting for SPM. Basically, CNY is my very last holiday. I need to start revising. And after SPM, I'll be free. :). Will I go for National Service? BLAH. I don' care. I will know it in April. Anyway, I have plans after SPM. (:

CNY is coming in another 5 more days. Sis' birthday is coming in like another 4 more days, which is like the Chinese New Year's eve? I AM STILL THINKING ON WHAT TO BUY FOR HER!! She has everything. And when I ask her, she said she wants MONEY. And I can't afford to give you ANGPAU cause you're older than me. Accept the fact. :P. I still remember when we were young, we love to fight. HAHAHA. That was like ages ago. :P.

Anyway, to all of my friends, families and blog readers, have an awesome CHINESE NEW YEAR. Collect more ANGPAUS! ;D. Have a blessing festive with your family members and relatives! :)

I think you're totally out of my life. But God trying to tell something to me. He brought someone who looks exactly like you into my life mostly everyday. Perhaps he loves me too much? Or is you, were you the one? You're the one who make this decision. Whatever it is, what comes around, goes around. I'm loving my life now. :). You're fading away....

At the same time, you, if you really want to do that to me, you may do so. But, I can't tell you the answer now. :)). Give me time, and I shall tell you the answer after SPM.

♥our lips must always be sealed
2:26 AM

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



   Happy Winter Solstice everyone! ;D
   Eat Tang Yuans a.k.a Glutinous Rice Balls and you'll grow one year older today! 
   Have a blessing dinner with your family tonight, and is time for reunion! (:

   I've make a lot of Tang Yuans today. WOOHOOO
   Carmen Cheah knows how to cook also kays? Hahaha
   Wanna have awesomee dinner with family tonight! TATA! ;)

♥our lips must always be sealed
6:36 PM

2010 is almost ending. These few days I've been thinking about the past. What I've been through, I bet no one knows how I felt and everything. Sometimes, I do wonder, what's my life gonna be in 10 years time? Have I graduate? Will I be working? What am I gonna become that time? Is my wish to be a Gynaecology Doctor gonna be successful? Well, I really hope that I'll get straight As for SPM next year. I wanna get scholarship to further up my studies, and my ambition to be a Gynae will be accomplished.

Looking back at the past pictures. Pictures that we've camwhored, pictures to be left as a memory. I smiled whenever I see those pictures. Talking about my past, what is my life gonna be if I didn't enter SMK Taman SEA? I'm pretty sure that, I wouldn't have know you people, I won't get what I had achieved, I wouldn't get so much of loves and cares and basically, I won't become the way I am now. The way I am now, is the way that environment surrounds me, family and friends are totally pillars of my life. Without them, I can commit suicide. You guys mean a lot to me. I really do mean it and I love you guys a lot. (:. Everyone said that I am a cheerful girl. I always smile most of the time, it is....

; because baby you're the reason why I kept smiling. (:

Family. Loves. :). 16 years been in Cheah Family. I totally feel blessed to be in Cheah Family. Whatever stuffs that I want, aunties, uncles, granny, mom and etc etc will try their best to get it for me although they nag and scold me. HAHA. But honestly speaking, when I'm away from home for camps and stuffs, I seriously miss the nags, somehow. Without them giving me moral support, I wouldn't have achieved straight As for UPSR and PMR. Without them, I dunno what is family love, without them, I might be some garbage outside that nobody wants. So, I really do appreciate each and single of you a lot, you're the reason why I smile whenever I feel sad. Although I PMS-ED at times and quick tempered, please tahan a lil bit la. xDD

First step to SMK Taman SEA. I wanted to join prefect actually that time, despite of my sis for encouraging me to join librarians, she said that Librarians is fun, go and join la. So I was like okay, give in a try. And ended up, I passed my interview and probation and officially became a librarian during my high school period. Librarians are totally my second family, I've learned a lot, a lot, 4 years is not a long time. We've been through everything ; bittersweet escapes together. Thanks for your shoulder whenever I need to cry on, thanks for your hands whenever I need your help, thanks for your hugs whenever I need your comfort, thanks for your moral support. You guys rock my life. ♥

LEO. Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. Being a LEO is another thing which I didn't regret in my life. Spreading the love and giving help to the unfortunate people are seriously very meaningful. Despite of this, I've come to realized how lucky we're to have home to live in, to have family's and friend's loves and have a perfect, healthy body to continue on our journey of life. At first, I was like wondering, should I join Interact or LEO? The main reason why I join LEO is cause of the uniform. HAHA. My sis has the vest, so ended up joining LEO. :P. Through LEO, I gain many many new friends from all over the countries, over the world and recontacting back my very long lost friends in kindergarten. x). LEO, continue serving other people, WE SERVE! ROAR!

Editorial Board. I join cause En.Tey Chuan, my beloved BM Teacher in Form 3 Cempaka, he asked me to join. HAHA. Before that, I was like already wondering should I join Ed-Board?? Can I cope up with the stress and my time management?? Ended up, I didn't register my name. Then about a month later, En.Tey asked me to join. Ended up, I joined. :). I don't have to go through interview and probation! LOL! And that was like around June or July like that? I joined BM Department since I love to write craps especially in my essays. :D. I still remember I wrote like only a few reports last year. :O. And this year, unexpectedly, I got Head BM Department for Ed-Board. Wrote a lot, a lot of reports,articles, etc etc for the school Samudra. And hopefully, I can cope up with my studies, stress and time management being an Editor next year. To all of my seniors, I thank you guys a lot. Without you all right by my side, I seriously don't know what to do. Thanks to all of my members that helped me out a lot too. Loves. :). ♥

4/5 Bunga Rayians of the year in 2010/2011, it is fate that we could be in the same class ; studying together, play together, laugh together, crap together, have the team spirit together. :). Time flies, and it has been already a year that we've been in the same class. We still got another year to go through together. Our Drama Competitions, Futsal Competition and Dodgeball Competition. ;D. Hopefully, all of us could achieve whatever stuffs that we wanted. Without you all, Carmen Cheah, wouldn't be able to stand still HERE! WE ROCKS TO SOCKS! ;) ♥

Stephanie Chia Siew Yan! My girlfriend who has the same surname as me! ;D. I dunno what to say now. HAHA. Just wanna thank you darl, for appearing in my life. Although we only get to study together for a year, but it is totally worth it. :). Thanks for everything. Sharing the moments ; depressed, happy, sweet and bitter together are totally awesome. Love you lots and I'll always be there for you no matter what. Keep in touch as usual, *hugs* ♥

People said, "Friends are easy to find, but best friends are hard to find." This statement is very true. I've found my very own best friends. :). My brothers, my sisters, my darlings and my sampats. ;D. ILY. ♥. Thanks for accompanying me whenever I need you. Whenever I'm in my difficulties, you guys will be there for me. And thanks for your ears whenever I'm complaining about something. x). Best friends can share secrets without limitation. ;D. With all of you surrounding right by my side, I feel protected. (:. You guys should know who you are. ;)

Friends. What is life about without friends? Totally not meaningful at all right? 'A friend who shares, is a friend who cares.' My lovely friends, thanks for everything! :). Continue the way you're, stay and stand still and continue being my super duper awesome friends! Hehee. ♥

My dance mates. (:. How many dances that we've been through together? I dunno. But seriously, I've lots of fun with you guys during dance practices. And our gossip sessions. LOL! Thanks to all of you, I started to love dancing very very much. ;). The only group names that I remember were The Pink Panther and 3+2 Crew! :P. Very sorry to the rest. xD. And in my 20s, I wanna learn Latin Dance, don't laugh, I seriously mean it. HAHA. If we got time, let's dance together again kays. ♥.

Of all the times we've been through together ; bitter, sweet, happy, sour, high,
These memories will be kept in my heart and mind till the very last breathe of my life.
Thanks for appearing in my life.
My life is so darn freaking awesome with all of you. ♥

♥our lips must always be sealed
5:59 PM